CellSpy Ambient Monitor

The difference between the ambient temperature and
the individual CellSPY temperature readings is an
excellent parameter for an early thermal runaway
Manufacturer: Emsys Design

EMSYS Design has two types of Wireless Ambient Monitors in its product portfolio:

  • WAM-100 - Temperature only
  • WAM-200 - Temperature and Humidity

The Wireless Ambient Monitor ( WAM-x00) can be used in conjunction with our CellSPY battery monitors to detect an early thermal runaway. Our web-based application will compare the ambient monitorʼs readings with the battery temperatures, collected by CellSPY monitors. If the delta” between those two readings exceeds a specified level, the user will be alerted immediately with an email or SMS. The ambient temperature is a parameter which can be useful to detect faulty air-conditioning or improper ventilation in a battery room. The Wireless Ambient Monitor can be powered from any USB host device or from the included AC power adapter.



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